About the Manifestation

International Museum Day, European Night of Museums and National Museum Week


Unique event

Museums for 10

The manifestation Museums of Serbia, Museums for 10, was held for the first time in 2015, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia. It is an initiative of the national museums, the largest within the territory of Serbia and unique in the European cultural space.

The support was provided by the professional museum association, such as the International Committee of Museums (ICOM) of Serbia and the Serbian Museum Society, which have been working for several years on creating a fertile environment where this prestigious event could be enjoyed, the necessary conditions for which were only achieved this year.

The time of the event was not chosen by chance. Namely, May is the month of museums, and May 18th, as the International Museum Day has become the backbone of the event. During the event Museums of Serbia celebrate International Museum Day, European Night of Museums and National Museum Week with Free Admission. The event was designed in such a manner that all participants with the content and programs being determined by themselves, under the joint visual identity and unified public appearance, present the museums with one single voice.

The aim of the event is to promote and improve the work of museums, individually and as a whole, by stronger and closer working in tandem with the local community, which should result in higher visitor numbers aligned to increased interaction with the audience throughout the year.

During the event, museums throughout Serbia have tried to enrich their regular programs with different content. An additional technical and authorial engagement, through the permanent exposition and organization of different exhibitions, out of which 69 have been launched at that moment, is available on a regular basis in any museum. Numerous creative workshops were held for children and adults, followed by lectures, book promotions, public discussions, concerts, theater performances, film screenings. All part of our improved visitor focus and interactivity.